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  • Why Cats Need to Scratch – The Best Cat Scratching Post and Cat Trees

    Feb 13
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    Cats, by nature need to scratch. Not only does it help the cat keep his claws cleaned and sharpened, but scratching is also a very important part of a cat’s daily exercise. The motions he uses while scratching a tall cat scratching post or cat tree use all of the muscles in his front and back legs, shoulders, and back. Besides this, stretching just plain feels good! A cat often likes to wake up after a nap with a good scratch, which also allows him to stretch and flex. If your cat is not able to scratch and exercise his muscles in this way, he can become weak, and his muscles get flabby.

    Many people worry that their cat may ruin their furniture by using it as a scratching post, but this can be avoided by simply providing your cat with a better alternative! In fact, most furniture is not of the texture that cats prefer for scratching. In nature, wild cats prefer the rough bark of trees for scratching. If you can give your cat a rough, sturdy post or cat tree to scratch, then your soft upholstered furniture just won’t measure up, and you shouldn’t need to worry.

    The best material for an indoor cat to scratch is sisal, which is a strong, rough fiber made from hemp. I know of one excellent source where you can get a sisal cat scratching post for a reasonable price. This is the Felix Katnip Tree Company, and many pet supply stores carry them. They have both medium and large size scratching posts, along with a smaller scratching board and a floor-to-ceiling climber. All products are made from wood and covered in sisal fiber, and as an added treat, the posts are covered with catnip. My cats love the large scratching post, made in a very simple design that fits into any room.

    If you are the “do it yourself” type and would like a very economical way to provide your cat with a high quality cat tree, then consider building one yourself! The Best Cat Trees Company will provide you with plans and step-by-step instructions to make eleven different cat trees in a variety of sizes and designs. Not only can you save a bundle of money on those very expensive, big cat trees, but with the guidance you get from the company, you can be sure that your tree is made in the best way, and with the optimum materials for your cat.

    You can get more information about the Felix cat scratching post at their website, Felix Katnip Tree Company. And to learn how to build your own high quality cat trees, see the official web site of The Best Cat Trees Company. Either way, your cat will have a high quality scratching area that will help him stay in top shape, while also saving your furniture!

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2 Responses to “Why Cats Need to Scratch – The Best Cat Scratching Post and Cat Trees”

  1. Hey–just wanted to note the website for Felix is wrong–should be http://www.felixtreecompany.com/

    (you don’t need to publish this comment!)


  2. Thanks for the heads up Annie; it is now correct. Much appreciated! – Beth