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  • How Many Cats is Too Many?

    Apr 4

    By Pat Lemmons

    catpkI love the notion that “cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.” From the playful kitten, which is the epitome of “cute”, to the adult cat, that is the ultimate in beauty, prowess and “cool”. How many you should have depends on several factors.

    1. How many can you afford to feed?

    You need to provide well rounded nutrition for proper development of your cats growth. This usually includes a canned food at least once a day, which also provides moisture. This is especially important if your cat does not drink a substantial amount of water each day. For your own convenience, you might want to make dry food available for when you can’t be there to provide a regular feeding. Don’t forget the cat treats, for good behavior rewards, which will surely endear your cat to you! Make sure your budget can withstand the cost.

    2. How many can you provide good medical care?

    Hopefully, you won’t have any extraordinary medical bills due to injury or illness, although this cannot be guaranteed. However, there will be an annual expense of vaccinations to keep your kitty healthy. These are normally in the range of $100 per cat, depending on the type your veterinarian recommends.

    3. How many can comfortably fit in your home size?

    I have read estimates of 1000 square feet per cat, although I don’t believe that is necessarily required. More important is how well your cats get along. Two could be too many in a large house if they don’t like each other. While five could fit well into a smaller home if all were good natured or at least not antagonistic toward each other. The more room the better for those who like to roughhouse. Better yet, provide them with an outdoor enclosure to give them a space of their own and some fresh air.

    4. How many can you provide with toys, cat trees, litter boxes, etc?

    A litter box is required! I have seen different opinions of how many you should have with multiple cats. One opinion was one per cat, plus one. Another was one for every two cats. It’s difficult to keep up with all of them and their bathroom habits.

    I, personally, subscribe to the latter and find an automatic litter box works best in a multiple cat household. These generally cost in the neighborhood of $100 each but can run much higher.

    All cats need places to climb and one cat tree, strategically placed by a window will bring great satisfaction to one cat or maybe two. If you have multiple cats, you might want to consider two cat condos/trees to provide them plenty of room to nap and play and a view of the outside world for all of them. These can cost, depending on size, quality, etc, anywhere from $50 to $1,000. I really don’t think the cats care how much it cost, as long as it is theirs. Now having it fit in with your home décor is another consideration, entirely. There are some very colorful ones in the marketplace and surely one will look nice in your home. Other toys to keep them occupied are relatively inexpensive and should include things they can slap around and chase, like catnip scented play mice, small balls and anything with bells.

    5.How many can you guarantee safety and shelter?

    Safety would entail keeping them inside, away from the dangers of cars, poisons, the cruelty of others and keeping them safe by training young children in the proper way to handle them.

    6. How many do you have “Time” for?

    Just like children, cats need attention. You need to play with each one, either separately or together, each and everyday. A wand toy with a feather for them to swat, a lazer light beam for them to chase, or just sitting in the floor & playing with them. Attention is important to them and keeps them from becoming bored. Boredom can breed depression in a cat. It can also bring on behavior problems which can become destructive.

    You have to gauge the size of your home, the size of your wallet, but most important, the size of your heart. Then, you’re good to go and take it from someone who knows, the more the merrier!

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