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  • Halloween Costumes – For Cats Too!

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    Oct 3

    My family always loves this time of year. We get all excited about Halloween coming, planning our costumes and our daughter making trick or treating plans with her friends. She’s going to be the Easter Bunny this year. My husband is thinking Santa Claus. I don’t know, maybe we just don’t have a very good grasp on the holiday calendar (lol). As for me, well, I was thinking about dusting off my old Catwoman costume – what else? (Never mind that I wore it two years in a row already. It’s a totally cool costume and I look great in it!)

    Now, what about Eric? Our big orange tabby cat? Just went browsing around the web and found this picture of a swashbuckling cutie on Amazon. I wonder if Eric has ever had Three Musketeers fantasies? Puss in Boots anyone? Well, it’s a thought anyway. Only two weeks to go, and counting!

    Have Fun!


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