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  • Five Tips for a Well Balanced Cat

    Aug 27
    Cat Conspiracy

    Cat Conspiracy (Photo credit: Tjflex2)

    By John W Dowdell

    So you’ve got a cat or cats. Congratulations. Having a cat or cats can be hugely rewarding. Not only do you have a companion to share your daily life with, but they can keep you entertained for hours, comfort you whenever you aren’t feeling well, inspire you when you can’t seem to get it together, and generally they seem to conspire to make it easier to keep your feet on the ground.  That is – if you have a well behaved and well balanced cat.

    Exactly what is a well behaved cat? Well everyone knows that cats possess a mind of their own, and no matter how much we endeavour to exert control over them, they’ll always manage to please themselves. Of course, that’s in the nature of a cat, and it doesn’t mean they’re misbehaving, just doing what cats do.

    A well behaved cat is one who is: calm, fit and healthy, eats well, toilets suitably, and interacts with all the fellow members in the household (both human and feline) appropriately. A miss-behaving cat can totally disrupt a household (human and feline) to the point of you considering removing the culprit. Commonly there are reasons for the cat misbehaving, sometimes we find it is due to some change in their surroundings, New members moving into the household (human or feline) can have a serious impact.. Some of the more noticeable inappropriate behaviours are, spraying in-side the house, biting, scratching, attacking other cats they usually get on with, ripping up your carpets and rugs, furniture, wallpaper, curtains etc,. Refusing to eat, exhibiting stress and anxiety, fearfulness.


    This is a no brainer. If your cat is not well it will probably behave differently, in some cases disruptively. Your cat needs to be physically healthy to be a relaxed well balanced member of your household. It’s important you feed your cat(s) a proper diet that’s age appropriate, a good clean supply of drinking water and proper housing. A regular checkup at the vets is advisable.

    Know who’s the boss

    Cats are not a pack animal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a pecking order. There will almost always be one particular cat which will be at the top of the tree, and the rest will fall into line. If one of your cats tries to move into another ones space, trouble can follow. By a cats space, I mean it’s preferred spot on the patio, it’s preferred sleeping spot, or where it normally hangs out or toilets. The response may be out and out aggression, but sometimes it’s quite the contrary. The cat feeling crowded may become withdrawn and stressed. It’s important to keep close track of who’s the dominate one and ensure all of your cats have sufficient space where they can just be themselves without any interference from others. A cat’s emotional wellbeing is just as important as its physical wellbeing.

    Regular feeding

    Cats are notorious for being fussy eaters, but they will unquestionably benefit from a high quality diet and regular feeding times. Clean drinking water is vital for a healthy cat; they’re well-known for failing to take in enough water. In the wild, cats take in the majority of their water requirements through the prey they feed on, so if you feed them dry food, they need to supplement their intake of water. Yes I know they prefer to go outside and drink the dirtiest water they can find, rather than clean water you take so much care to put out for them. Go figure.

    Suitable toilet spaces

    Cats very much like a non-public quiet spot to perform the necessary. Preferably a place where they’re not likely to be surprised. This is true whether your cat is an inside or outdoors cat. Either way, they need somewhere suitable and secure. If at all possible, somewhere you have access to, not an issue for an inside cat that uses a litter box, but can be challenging for outside cats. Not being funny, but keeping track of your cat’s toilet habits can frequently help pre-empt health problems.

    No favouritism.

    Be fair All cats are different and they will all have varying emotional needs. Some will love lots of pats and cuddles, others prefer a quick hello, a pat and then move on, some will spend hours in your lap, while others may only come inside for feeding and need only a quick acknowledgment of their presence. It’s important to know your cat and to provide them with the appropriate level of attention.

    This all helps to maintain balance in the household. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what it takes for a well balanced cat, but if you follow the above suggestions your cat will be well on the way.

    John Dowdell is a cat owner from a Town called Tokoroa in New Zealand. He owns five cats with which he shares his daily life.

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