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  • Cat Illness Symptoms – How to Know When Your Cat MUST See the Veterinarian

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    Jun 6

    When it comes to illness, cats are masters of disguise. Think about this – in nature, if a cat allows himself to look or act sick, larger animals will see him as weaker and will be more likely to attack. So it is in a cat’s own best interest to keep any illness or pain he feels well hidden. It is up to us as cat owners to be aware of some of the more subtle signs of illness in our cats, so that they can be addressed quickly, with the least possible impact to our cat’s health.

    For instance, if your cat suddenly refuses to use the litter box and is urinating other places, a medical issue may be causing this, especially if it is happening along with any of the other symptoms listed below. Watch your cat for other changes in behavior, such as disinterest in eating, lack of or change in grooming, and vomiting. If your cat appears to be struggling to pee, or unable to control his peeing, these can also be symptoms of illness. Inappropriate urination issues can often be corrected by addressing these symptoms with your vet.

    Here is a list of Cat Illness Symptoms that may be serious. You should schedule a visit with the veterinarian if your cat shows any of these:

    – Inappropriate Urination, especially if it happens suddenly, for no obvious reason
    – Urine or excrement contains blood
    – Loss of appetite
    – Disinterest in grooming
    – Suddenly gaining or losing a great deal of weight
    – Runny nose
    – Prolonged bouts of sneezing
    – Drinking much more or much less water
    – Peeing more or less frequently
    – Coat appears messy or loses its shine
    – Lack of energy
    – Inability to control urination
    – Apparent distress during urination
    – Excessive vomiting

    For ourselves, we often will give it a few days when we begin to feel ill, assuming that our bodies will heal naturally without seeing the doctor. But with a cat, because they keep their illness so secret, we may not even be aware that our cat is sick until it becomes much worse. A cat who is sick can appear to have a sudden onset of a serious disease, but chances are the symptoms have been there some time and they are just now becoming apparent to humans. Once a cat is obviously sick, his health may be threatened, and a trip to the vet may be very time critical. Even though it may seem expensive, it will be less expensive if done in the beginning; the vet may be able to begin treatment right away and you may be able to ward off more serious issues.

    So for the sake of your beloved cat’s health, learn to watch for these cat illness symptoms, and be ready to act quickly with a trip to the vet.

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